Spirit House Music

SpiritHouse Music launches new label with a socially conscious B-side

We are super excited to introduce A-side B-side, our NEW label!

The A-side of the label's mission is about working with lots of great l artists from around the country and making one great single at a time.

The B-side of the label’s mission is about inspiring artists and fans to work together to shine a light on social and environmental justice and raise some meaningful contributions for great causes with each release.

The label will donate 100% of all revenue from downloads on the A-side B-side Bandcamp page to local, regional and national causes that support social change.

There is nothing better than being in the studio with friends making the best records we possibly can... and to be able to combine that with bringing attention to important social issues and contributing to organizations doing great work is a real motivator.

A-side B-side is looking for artists who have great songs and want to contribute to positive social change. If your song is selected, we will produce and record a new single to be released through the label.

SpiritHouse will cover 100 % of the costs related to the production and recording of the singles meaning that 100% of all revenue received through Bandcamp downloads will go directly to the designated social cause for that single.

The label has been busy with a full release schedule for the first quarter of 2021, with the first group of singles already recorded and ready to go.

The first single featuring Chris Marlon Jennings, from Northampton based band Sun Parade is available now on the A-side B-side Bandcamp page (see link below).

100 % of all download revenue from “Something Better” will benefit The Food Bank of Massachusetts. The mission of The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts is to feed our neighbors in need and lead the community to end hunger.

Check out A-side B-side: https://asidebsiderecords.bandcamp.com

The Studio
2019 was a big year for Spirithouse! We recently moved into our newly built recording studio space inside a 120-year-old carriage house in an old New England town in Massachusetts. Check out the photos of the build under “Gallery”.

At Spirithouse we specialize in capturing the vintage warm analog sounds of the ‘70s without giving up any of the advantages that modern recording technology provides. Spirithouse features an MCI 536 console that defined the sound of some of the best records ever made like ACDC’s Back In Black as well as records from The Stones, Bob Marley, The Eagles, Elton John, James Brown, U2, J Geils and Aerosmith. Spirithouse has taken this classic MCI 500 series console and paired it with a two-inch 24 track analog MTR 90 (You won’t find a 24 track deck in better shape anywhere on the planet!) to get that vintage analog sound. Spirithouse then locks that all up with a state of the art Pro Tools rig with the finest high-end converters to preserve that beautiful analog sound once it’s captured.

Spirithouse has a spacious, acoustically stunning control room tuned specifically for the Augsburger soted speakers, which sound incredible. It's the kind of stunning control room, where you can really hear every little change you make to your mix and your mixes not only sound great here, but they also sound great when you leave here. We have a beautiful large performance room, with a warm big room sound. (Incredible for drums). We have an extensive collection of gear including high-end microphones from Telefunken, Neumann, RCA, Sony and Royer and vintage recording equipment from Neve, Telefunken, API, Avalon, Urie, MCI and more. Spirithouse has a long list of keyboards including several funky older Hammond organs, a Yamaha C3 grand piano, a 1956 blond Wurlitzer, a Mellotron, a Fender Rhodes as well as many funky vintage keyboards including a real Polymoog from the ‘80s.

Danny Bernini - Head Engineer / Producer, Spirithouse Studios
Danny Bernini started "Spirithouse Productions" in 1995, after leaving The Hit Factory NYC, his diverse discography includes artists ranging from Acoustic Junction, Martin Sexton, Ryan Montbleau, NRBQ, Chris Collingwood, Tall Heights, and Spookie Daly Pride to Stryper, Michael Sweet, Blondie, and Notorious B.I.G. Throughout the ‘90s and early 2000’s Danny's home base for producing and engineering records was the famed Longview Farm Recording Studios in North Brookfield MA, where he started out as an engineering intern in 1987. He now works full time out of Spirithouse Studios in Massachusetts as well as touring the world mixing FOH sound for Ben Harper. Danny also does a lot of post-production mixing for broadcast and 5.1 surround DVD, including shows for artists Ben Harper, Stryper, James Blunt, The Fray.

Paul McNamara - Owner / Producer, Spirithouse Studios
Paul has more than 30 years experience in the music business ranging from touring the world playing keyboards, to artist management, marketing, artist development, creating and managing social media campaigns, and running several successful recording studios.
At Spirithouse, Paul and Danny have worked with a number of artists in all aspects of their careers from songwriting, arranging, producing, recording to management. Paul is an accomplished Pianist who plays B3 organ, mellotron, and a wide assortment of vintage keyboards in his arsenal.

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